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We develop and implement critical solutions for organisations that are in the process of digitalisation. The projects combine top-level software expertise with vision and an understanding of business. This is what our customers’ success stories are built on.   

When off-the-shelf software and platforms are not enough, we develop customer-specific solutions.  We have the capacity to create everything from large software packages to future innovations. Approaching matters comprehensively is important to us. If we come across something completely new and interesting, we will learn more about it together.   
From the hundreds of Solteqians, development teams can be assembled for many different kinds of operations. Our software development services include AI and robotics, online services and shops, mobile and web applications, cloud services, testing, customer support, check-out and shop solutions as well as integrations. As you can see, we work on many kinds of technologies and projects. These technologies and projects offer Solteqians interesting challenges and opportunities to grow into new roles.  
Software development is carried out in several different teams, which may be built around a specific service or customership. In addition to expertise in technology, you will also need to be able to understand customers and learn new things in order to do well in this line of work. Our team is always ready to accommodate new people in different stages of their careers.   
Solteq’s customers are leaders in their industries, which is why Solteq’s software developers are required to know the industry well in addition to having technical competence. Together with agile teams, technical competence and knowledge of industries enable Solteq to deliver high-quality software that will also meet the criteria laid down by more demanding customers.



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The Solteqians are experts in digital business. We create innovative solutions for our corporate customers to help ordinary people with their lives. 

We operate mainly in the Nordic countries, with over 600 professionals working in six countries. We are constantly expanding and moving into international markets. By joining us you will be able to develop your own skills and move on to new roles if you wish. 

As you are an expert, we trust you will know how to achieve the best possible results in your work. If you are not sure about something, your co-workers will help you out. That’s the way we do things.

5 good reasons to work at Solteq


1. You get to influence your own work 

We trust that you - as an expert - know how to succeed in your work in the best possible way. You mainly get to work as you see fit and influence your own job description. The flexibility in our daily operations allows both for remote work and hours that are just right for you. We feel it’s perfectly OK to go and pick up the kids from daycare on time or invest in things that matter in your free time. 


2. Grow and develop with us

With us, you can develop your know-how and grow into new roles as well if that’s what you’re after. In-house, we have very diverse duties, technologies, and fields. When expanding our operations, we find it important to have our experts develop alongside us. This way we can offer our customers new solutions and provide our staff with new challenges. 


3. Work in good company

When the staff is asked what’s best about working at Solteq, one recurring favourite response is: the other people of Solteq. We work together and know that our mates can be trusted. We give and receive help - and have fun doing it. Every now and then we do something fun together after work, and sometimes there are spontaneous Angry Birds championship games during the workday when the mood calls. And then it’s back to improving the customer’s business. 


4. Take good care of yourself

The well-being of each employee is important to us. And we’re not just saying this. Flexible working methods, extensive benefits, and comfortable workspaces are continuously developed through everyday experience. We encourage you to look after your health, to have hobbies, to exercise, and to experience new things in your spare time too. We promote the same lifestyle also in everyday working life. Some concrete examples of this are the workouts during breaks and massages provided by our well-being coaches. 


5.  Simplify the digital world

We boast a respectable history of 35 years and are heading into an innovative future. We create growth in a straightforward and intelligent way. In everyday working life, we develop solutions to turn the challenges produced by the digital revolution into victories. In practice, our solution can be a new online store or a system that holds everything together hidden from the public eye. Essential in our solutions is to make life easier for the regular, average end user.



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